Post-Operative RehabAfter a fracture, you are normally put in plaster for up to six weeks to allow the bone to heal. When you remove the plaster your bone may be healed, but your muscles and ligaments will be weakened from lack of use. You also may have swelling and stiffness. This then leads to pains and continued disability.

We can help you make a quicker recovery and prevent any long-term problems. Treatments involve manual therapy, soft tissue massage and electrotherapy. This will help increase your range of movement and break down scar tissue. You will also be shown exercises to stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak ones.

Post-Surgery Treatments

We also provide physiotherapy after operations. This is very important if you want to make a full recovery as quickly and painlessly as possible. You will be shown specific exercises relating to the operation you have had, which will steadily increase your range of movements and improve your strength.

Who can it benefit?

Physiotherapy can help many people, including those who have had surgeries such as:

  • knee surgery (e.g. anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, cartilage repairs or any other knee arthroscopy)
  • hip surgery (e.g. total replacements, partial replacements and hip resurfacing)
  • foot and ankle surgery (e.g. achilles tendon repair, ankle impingement surgery)
  • shoulder surgery (e.g. frozen shoulder operations, rotator cuff repairs)


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