Around 90% of people will develop back or neck pain during their lifetime. Many have long-standing or recurrent spinal pains. It is the largest single reason for long-term sickness absence from work, and at Kingston Physiotherapy, it is one of the most common complaints that we treat.



Back and neck pain can be caused suddenly by a specific injury such as lifting a load awkwardly or it may come on gradually, due to an accumulation of several minor factors. Such factors could include:

  • poor sitting and driving posture
  • poor physical fitness
  • weak muscles that support the spine



Spinal complaints can vary in form, including:

  • leg pains (sciatica)
  • localised spinal pains and spasm
  • pins and needles
  • numbness in arms, hands and legs
  • arm pains
  • muscles weakness 
  • general stiffness



If you leave your problem untreated, your muscles will become even weaker and the spine becomes more stiff and painful. The problem then will become chronic and recurrent. It is therefore important to get your spine checked over as soon as possible, even if you have a minor twinge, if you want to prevent long-term problems. A lot of people avoid early treatment as their problems are intermittent but research shows that early intervention is the most successful way to resolve back and neck pains.

Our experienced physiotherapists use a number of successful treatments to treat back and neck pains, including:

  • joint manipulation and mobilisations
  • soft tissue massage
  • acupuncture
  • electrotherapy

Every client has slightly different problems so that is why we also provide individually tailored exercises programmes to help your pains and to prevent recurrence. This may also include some Pilates exercises.

We can also give advice on beds and pillows to use, and carry out work station assessments to help your back and neck pains.


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